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No matter what your business is, there is a cloud platform that will make your charging station deployment successful.

Widely-used Features of the Platform

OCPP 1.6 Compliant Network

Enables you to add any OCPP 1.6 and above compliant charging station to the network & start monitoring its activities.

Smart Pricing & Payment System

Pricing based on energy cost, duration, time of use, session length, or driver group. Electronically transfers collected funds to a designated bank account. Supports multiple digital payment gateways.

Advanced Access Control

Manages which drivers can access stations and when.

Power Management Software (Automate Demand Response):

Reduces station installation costs, lowers ongoing electricity costs, and lets you charge more vehicles.

One Click Statistics & Analytics

Statistical charts & analytics available with one click. Summarizes important trends for planning and management reporting.

Easy Charging for Fleets

Integration with fleet fuel cards, telemetrics & asset management systems simplifies EV charging for fleets.

Network Portal for Station Owners

  • Transaction List
  • Owner / Driver Charging Activity
  • Add New Driver
  • Credits / Gridkey
  • Edit Profiles
  • Dealer Accounts
  • Add / Edit Dealer Account Details
  • Add New Owner
  • Owner Accounts
  • Edit Owner Account Details
  • Add / Edit Plug Settings
  • Reset / Delete a Charging Station
  • Add / Edit Station Details
  • Change Security Questions

Smartphone App for EV Drivers

  • Locate Public EV Chargers
  • View EV Charger Information & Status
  • Notify When Available
  • Start an EV Charging Session
  • View & Receive Charging Status Updates
  • 24/7 Support