Ground Chargers

ENERIDGE carries a complete line of EV Charging systems

Level 2 Commercial Charger

Gas Stations, Upgrades of
Level 2 Chargers

30 kW DC

Fleet, Workplaces, Multi-Dwelling

60-360 kW DC

Shopping Malls, Retail Malls,
Gas Stations, Hospitals, Parking Lots

150 kW DC

Gas Stations, Upgrades of
Level 2 Chargers

200kW-400kW DC

Gas Stations, Freeway Convenient Stores, Fleet, Heavy Commercial

320kW DC Battery Integrated Charger

Gas Stations, Freeway Convenient Stores, Fleet, Heavy Commercial

EV Charging systems Ground Chargers

All Electric, without compromises

With electric vehicles taking up space in the streets, EV Charging has become the moniker of new clean energy. Eneridge is a forerunner in developing faster and more accessible EV Charging system ground chargers. Bringing EV technologies to the forefront as the green and cleanest renewable energy source. Travel free of emission with cost-effective hardware and a user-friendly platform.

AC/DC Charging System

Boosting The EV Experience

Eneridge has produced a marvel of technology as FLITWAY AC/DC EV Charging systems ground chargers. The most convenient EV experience provider, enabling our customers to charge their electric vehicles on the go. Not only that, but also expanding our services nationwide to bring you the benefits of clean energy.

By providing AC and DC charging systems, we give control over our customers and business on which method of charging they wish to proceed with. For any private customer, an AC charger is recommended for a cheaper and gentle output of 22kW, and the time it takes to fully charge a vehicle depends on the power of the charging system present. For more power and efficiency, a DC charging system is recommended with an output of 50kW. This reduces charging time to a few minutes and can be installed on main routes for longer journeys.

Eneridge has produced several AC/DC charging systems, including:

  • FLITWAY AC Charger
  • Boost Charger 150
  • DCFC Model TP-EVPD-60KW/360KW

EV Charging System Ground Charger

Power Saving

The electricity is produced from renewable energy sources and can meet the required level for commercial, industrial, and residential usage.

Business and Fleet

EV Chargers provide reliable and quick charging services right from their base to increase efficiency and productivity of the electric cars.


EV Charging systems ground charger provides the convince of keeping one in the back for on-go-charging. A high-powered system recharges your vehicle’s battery in the time span of 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of your vehicle.

From Home Recharging

Advancement in EV experience has led to the utilization of this technology in our own homes. As an excellent, cost-effective option, you can charge your electric vehicles regularly from the safety of your home. EV chargers own their separate electric source to help monitor electric load properly.