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27 October 2022

Emanate Health, the largest, nonprofit health care provider serving more than 1 million people in the San Gabriel Valley, has partnered with Eneridge to open new public fast charging stations at Emanate Health’s three hospitals: Foothill Presbyterian Hospital in Glendora, Inter-Community Hospital is Covina, and Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina. These new charging stations feature twelve 60kW fast chargers, four in each location. All three locations will be operational by mid-November.

This project is one of Eneridge’s many on-going projects in which Eneridge is building charging infrastructure in easily accessible locations for EV drivers. Doctors, nurses, other hospital staff, employees, patients, and visitors will soon have access to fast EV charging at the hospitals’ premises.

Eneridge stations’ chargers are compatible with all fast-charge capable EVs on the market. Drivers can charge their EVs on the Eneridge (“Flitway”) app or credit card.

For more information around the locations of EV chargers within Eneridge (“Flitway”) charging network, visit

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