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Energy Storage System

An Energy Storage System responds to demand fluctuations by storing energy during low-demand periods and discharging it during high-demand periods. Such an approach can provide a very attractive ROI by substantially reducing demand charges in CA, USA and global adjustment charges in Ontario, Canada.

Lithium-ion Battery System for Peak Shaving

Over the last 12 years, demand charges increased by

120% on average in California…

…while energy charges have remained at the same level.

Stem automatically lowers electricity costs by combining leading battery technology with predictive software. PowerStore by Stem draws energy from the grid when costs are low and automatically deploys when costs are high or when the grid is constrained – lowering your electricity costs and generating value through grid services.

Reliable, immediate, and growing savings

  • The PowerStore subscription is purchased through Stem’s Energy Services Agreement (ESA).
  • Monthly subscription payment is fixed over the life of an agreement.
  • No upfront costs means positive net savings from day one.
  • Savings increase over time as demand rates rise and new Grid Rewards are added.
  • Conservative savings estimates are informed by extensive real-world data.

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