Eneridge serves as a bridge to connect sustainable energy technologies to today’s businesses and people to create a more sustainable, smart, and electrified world for future generations and communities that currently don’t have access to sustainable and reliable energy sources.

Eneridge’s vision is to be the most obvious charging hub operator (“CHO”) for electrifying multi-modal mobility vehicles. Our values are initiation, innovation, and integrity.

Flitway is the EV charging business that Eneridge specializes in. Its name is derived from the words ‘flit’ and ‘way’ to signify the fast EV charging services that Flitway provides.

      What We Do:

    • We own and operate Eneridge charging stations with our own network platform.
    • We provide an EV charging station turnkey solution, including hardware, a cloud-based platform, and installation to clients who want to own and operate their own EV charging stations.
    • We select innovative EV charging technology that overcomes current infrastructure and operational barriers to make Eneridge stations the most advanced and profitable EV charging stations.

ENERIDGE Supports EV Charging Stations for

Retail Center / Commercial


Work Places